I wish to thank everyone that made this a success in 2009, but it is time to invent an all-new pathway using an in-house network known as Moodle. This will be accessable for all students I currently teach from school AND from home, so details will be forwarded in due time.


Good luck with your studies and future endeavours,


Mr J

As we start to unwind, a big thanks for 2009

"Running from 2009, straight into 2010. See you there."
"Running from 2009, straight into 2010. See you there."

To students, parents, teachers and friends,


This has been a successful enterprise and it has afforded many the opportunity to explore the internet for more than just MySpace pages and Hotmail accounts. I am impressed by the general input of the students from The Springfield College and wish to acknowledge the hard work of many; the perceptiveness of a few and the creativity of all.


The Springfield College intends to pave the way for many young adults as they endear themselves to the principles of teamwork, success and community. It is great to see that this very website saw a sense of community and teamwork which brought about its ultimate success.


Thank you again to ALL the students that I have met this year. If it weren't for you then this job I have would feel like nothing more than a means to a paycheque. Because of you, this job is a lifestyle...and an enjoyable one at that.


Take care over the Christmas period and may you and your loved ones relax, recharge and be rewarded with many fond memories and experiences.


Mr. B. Johnston

Utilitarianism: Doing Something For The Greater Good

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

So many of the classes I teach are dealing with task of writing paragraphs. Whilst there has been a consistant approach to teaching students how to write paragraphs, some are still dealing with the structure.


For those that wish to see what a paragraph is all about (or to just revise their current understanding) I am going to put some links on this page for you. Good luck.


Please, don't forget TWO things: if you have questions about paragraphing then ask your class teacher AND remember that YOU CAN DO IT!






http://www.paragraphorganizer.com/inner/tips_and_tech.htm (THIS ONE MAY LOOK FAMILIAR TO A FEW OF YOU)





New Developments in the Social and Political Landscapes

In order to maintain this educational resource I am endeavouring to have it meet any potential guidelines which may be, or already have been, created. Let us work together to ensure this resource does not necessitate removal. Remember to abide by the rules set out at the bottom of this page. Most of all, remember to participate in the learning process.


Mr. B. J. Johnston



Teachers warned off online contact with students

Tanya Chilcott

October 23, 2009 11:00pm


TEACHERS have been banned from contacting students on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other social networking sites amid growing concern over inappropriate relationships.

A revised Code of Conduct will also require state school teachers' personal sites be kept "private and appropriate".


Breaches can result in loss of pay, demotion or sacking.


The move has been labelled a violation of privacy by education stakeholders and civil libertarians.


More than 30 Queensland teachers have had their registration cancelled for unprofessional relationships with pupils over the past three years.


Eight cases involving inappropriate behaviour of a teacher contacting students via electronic equipment were heard by the Queensland College of Teachers' disciplinary committee last financial year.


"The most serious matter that included an element of use of a social network site involved sexualised communication and innuendo and the teacher's registration was cancelled," the college said in a statement.


The Courier-Mail has spoken to several teachers who have confirmed they interact with students, both past and present, via their Facebook sites.


"You must not use internet social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or YouTube to contact or access present students enrolled in any school or institute," the revised Code of Conduct states.


"If you use internet social networks in your personal time you must ensure that the content is appropriate and private, and that you restrict access to specific people who are not students."


An Education Queensland spokeswoman confirmed that obscene language, and jokes containing sexual references and sexual exhibitionism would be considered inappropriate content.


"Teachers have an obligation to ensure that the contents of their social networking site is appropriate and they would be expected to remove any content which contravenes the code," she said.


The revised code applies to all Department of Education staff including principals, janitors and public servants. It does allow for social website contact in reasonable circumstances, such as staff who have family who are students.


Queensland Association of State School Principals, Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens Associations and Queensland Council for Civil Liberties all support the ban on social website contact, arguing contact can be fraught with danger.


But they are against the crackdown on private content on personal sites.


QASSP president Norm Hart said social networking sites weren't private by their nature and the code was "going too far".


QCPCA president Margaret Black said teachers were entitled to a personal life "and this code is an invasion of their personal space".


QCCL vice-president Terry O'Gorman said while he wouldn't normally support bans on social websites, he "felt it was justified" in teacher-student scenarios.


But he said the rule regarding content on personal social network sites was a violation of privacy.


Queensland Teachers Union president Steve Ryan was concerned on how the code might be interpreted by EQ's Ethical Standards Unit.


"They would not be able to discipline someone under the Code of Conduct if the Facebook is personal," he said.


Source: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,26252141-8362,00.html

Making an international name for ourselves

So, my username on Youtube is (thanks to many of the students dubbing me The Assassin) is TheHappyAssassinator. I often upload the videos I have created so students can access them from home. Little did I know, people from around the world would comment on them. We're doing it people; we're doing things that reach across the globe!

Creativity and Cash: How Can You Go Wrong?

Students, extra-curricular does not need to be exclusively sporting. In fact, sometimes you have to go outside the confines of a place like school to find opportunites; sometimes the opportunities are not quite what you'd expect.


Recently, my website has been getting some popularity due to word-of-mouth, and, as a result, it has been suggested that I write for a competition run by the Brisbane City Council. Apparently the winning entries will receive $6000. The competition is called One Book Many Brisbanes and requires that people write short stories to compete.


Whilst it is in its infancy, my search for details on this competition has begun. However, I am not necessarily any more talented than the lad that sat in a cinema seat next to me over the weekend; the girl on the train as I returned from the Rugby Union or the old man who has lived a thousand tales. Therefore, I propose that we consider this an activity for teachers and students alike.


I will be keeping you up to date at school and, with your help, would like to submit entries as individuals. No need for a team effort. We all have a story to tell. For those that regularly use this website, I would like you to approach me at school with ideas on how we might convene to work on our individual entries.


Talk soon.


PS. http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/BCC:BASE::pc=PC_2354

Rules - An Introduction

"Slovenia, 2006"
"Slovenia, 2006"

Students, colleagues, families and friends,


Welcome to Mr Johnston's website.


This was suggested to me by a peer who utlises Jimdo due to the fact that you do NOT have to be a member (like Facebook or MySpace). I will take full advantage of this and be sure that all relevant resources and communications are easily and readily accessible. Just use the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen.


There are only a handful of rules when using this page:


  • DO have fun
  • DO engage with the learning process
  • DO ask questions and contribute to the discussions
  • DO NOT use or display offensive language or images

This is a place to be used for educational purposes. Any queries or comments are welcomed by all.


Enjoy, educate, be educated and engage. Or as I like to say, this is a place to make your life easier; it is 'for ease' that I offer this page. Get it? 'For ease' = 'four E's'...I promise to work on my use of puns.


Mr J